Don't worry, there is PLENTY of food, but we can't take on a million new customers all at once.

We are expanding operations, onboarding new staff, getting more vans and drivers on the road... all to bring you healthy organic food to your doorstep.

Get on our waiting list.. HERE.

Please leave your email address here and we will invite you to you join Ooooby as soon as we can. At the moment our waiting list is over 1000 people, but invitations will start to go out steadily as of Friday April 3, so don't worry... there is hope! :)

Thanks for your understanding and we wish you all the very best during these challenging times.

- The Ooooby Crew

p.s. PLEASE do not email or phone us with questions and requests. Look at our FAQ and Blog instead. 1000s of email and calls slows us down and we want you to be getting your first box of local organic Ooooby goodness sooner than later! Thanks for your understanding.


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