Ooooby's Mission

We believe that together, simple choices have a big impact – on our health, our planet and our lives. So we work towards a positive and happy tomorrow, starting together, around the table, today.

We believe health is of utmost importance. The health of you and your family, but equally the health of the world in which we all live. By putting small-scale sustainable farming back at the heart of our food system we are able to provide better food for you and your family. Research has shown that eating organic and spray-free produce leads to better health outcomes. More nutrients, no harmful chemicals. It’s a simple equation really.

The heart & soul of Ooooby

Where would we be without our growers? Ooooby has a rich network of local and organic growers and suppliers that produce a great variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. They deserve their fair share of the rewards so we pay them at least 50% of the retail value of all our box deliveries. We receive most of our produce direct from our growers and hand-pack it ourselves.

Our Farmers & Artisans Become a supplier

The benefits of buying local

Local food supports local economies. Buying food from our growers in the local community supports local jobs and encourages variety in our diets. It also requires less transportation, so it's fresher and has a smaller environmental footprint.

Fresher food

Reduced food miles

Support local jobs

Respect for the food system

Fewer preservatives

Better value for money

Reduced packaging


Ooooby is a movement I believe in with values that I respect, that connects People to an Environment of Amazing Food and Purpose.

— Patrick

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