You have 2 options:

1) Do a complete custom order every week at no additional charge. This gets really quick and easy when you use recurring orders, like eggs every other week. Bread every week. Olive oil once a month. etc. (Individual fresh produce cannot be ordered as a recurring item because our produce list gets updated weekly depending on availability; only boxes and packaged food products).

2) Order a subscription box. Take 1 min each week to swap out things you don't want for food you love!


You can't compare high quality and harvested yesterday* organic local food with food (even organic) that is transported to and from big warehouses before it's in the shops. Local food is grown with love and care. It is nutrient dense and not comparable to conventional or big-farm produce.

Our farmers deserve their fair share of the rewards so we pay them at least 50% of the retail value of all our box deliveries. We receive most of our produce directly from our growers and hand-pack it ourselves.

Retail produce prices fluctuate 1:1 with market prices - ie. what farmers charge us. This depends on how much into the season something is, if supplies are limited, weather etc.

Because we only have a packing hub, an online store and our team mostly works from home on non-pack days, our costs are very low and we pass these savings onto you and pay farmers fairly. Supermarkets and retail stores with heaps of staff and high rent cannot achieve this in a million years. They HAVE to pay farmers less, MUCH less.

* Harvested yesterday, or up to 3 days before you get it. Fruit can be harvested a little earlier because it has a much longer shelf life.

Last minute box cancellations are always tricky.

It isn't a matter of inconvenience for us as we are always happy to make changes where possible. But we order all our produce very early in the week and we will receive all of this on the day before or on packing day (and will usually be harvested the day before the boxes go out).

Your credit card is charged on Monday after the order cut off for that week. If you ask to cancel after that, we have already asked our farmers to harvest fresh for you. So  a late cancellation would mean that food potentially goes waste and we would lose money.

From time to time, exceptions may be made under extenuating circumstances because we want to keep our customers happy. But we need to run a financially sustainable business too... So we ask for your understanding. Thank you!

We certainly do! Our drivers are happy to pick up your old Ooooby boxes for us to re-use in the next week. Please just leave them outside your door (or the place where your box usually is left), flattened (the best way is to cut the tape with a cutter or knife). This will help us to reduce the number of new boxes we need to use each week and is an easy way for you to recycle them.


Auckland & Waikato

The fresh produce is available to order each Saturday morning. You have until 10pm Monday night to customize your order. Our farmers harvest exactly to order Tues-Wed. No waste.  Max profit for the farmer. Ultra-fresh for you.

This means that it is not possible to change you order of fresh produce after 10pm Monday, unfortunately.


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