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How it works

If you're a grower, each week you let us know what you've got available. We place our orders several days before the delivery date. Delivery is made to the hub the morning of packing day, or as arranged.

If you're a producer, you send us a list of your products, with descriptions and pictures. We'll order stock as required, to be delivered to the hub. In the case of fresh items like eggs and bread, we'll order several days in advance and expect delivery to the hub the morning of packing day, or as arranged.

Paying our suppliers promptly is at the heart of our fair trade philosophy.

We regularly take on new suppliers, so just get in touch with us below to let us know what foods you produce and where you are. We look forward to speaking with you.

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We're a small business, and Ooooby actually allows us to continue in the work that we want to do. It keeps us in business basically. [...] They are really good at paying on time, which is a big thing.

— Marilyn & Bill (Fruit Suppliers)


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