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K&M Pasture Raised Eggs


K&M pasture-raised hens are fed a balanced diet of greens, grains, and tasty things they scratch up in the pasture These chickens enjoy the highest quality of life. They are happy, healthy hens are free to roam our small farm every day. Their delicious, bright yellow yolks look like sunshine in your kitchen.

K&M raises their hens with caring hands on a small family-owned farm. They wake at the crack of dawn to enjoy foraging through pastures in the sunshine and fresh air every day. This healthy lifestyle means their eggs are 100% free of antibiotics, hormones, sprays and colouring agents. When you eat their  nutritious, delicious eggs, you can feel good knowing they came from a happy, healthy hen.

The outdoor pastures have plenty of trees because chickens are naturally woodland animals and fearful of wide open spaces (think predator birds). K&M keeps an outdoor stocking density of around 500 chickens per hectare. (20m2 per hen). This is even better than 833/ha for organic and way better than 2,500/ha for free range.  Natural forage is the primary diet.  The chickens graze the pasture in a rotational grazing system so that the pasture has time to regenerate and to prevent compaction and excessive nutrients and pathogens in the soil.

Find out what's the difference between free range, pasture raised and organic.

K&M delivers eggs within 3 days of being laid.

They are available in the following sizes:
Mixed sized - 1 dozen
Mixed sized - 1/2 dozen
Jumbo - 10 pack

Natures Corner

Carl Ebber of Natures Corner is a fifth-generation chicken farmer. It is more than just a 9-5 job for him; it's a vocation. He is passionate about high quality, healthy eggs and is continually learning more about chickens and farming every year.

He has 2 small egg farms consisting of small flocks up to 1500 birds. The relationship between the birds and farmer is hands on. They pay staff a living wage.

The first is Sunset Farms, which is 100% FREE RANGE, antibiotic free and focused on animal welfare.
The second is K&M, which is PASTURE RAISED taking things to a whole new level. Pasture raised means the hens basical live outdoors, forage more of the diet (seeds, worms and bugs) themselves in fresh pasture, have more pasture per bird and are antibiotic free, of course.

  • Store eggs at a constant temperature below 20°C - this maintains freshness and quality. The fridge is the best place to keep them in domestic kitchens

  • Keep eggs in their original boxes when storing - this ensures any odours from surrounding foods are shut out

  • If you take eggs out of their box, make sure you store and use them in date order

  • Take them out of the fridge half an hour before cooking for the best results, otherwise the sudden change in temperature could crack the shell or lower its binding qualities in baking

  • Store away from strong smelling food - egg shells are porous

  • Store away from raw meat

  • Wash your hands before and after handling eggs

  • Never use dirty, cracked, or broken eggs

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